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South Texas Wildlife Photo Tour
May 2015
Trip Report

Painted Bunting
Desert Cottontail Rabbit
bNorthern Mockingbirds fightingbBronzed Cowbird in display flight

Better late than never ... I finally had time to post some of the images from our South Texas Wildlife Photo Tour. We visited three ranches, and were quite successful with a wide variety of species. I did not keep a daily journal, so this trip report will illustrate that a picture equals a thousand words, so the report will be 'wordy' with images.

The important thing to consider here is that all of these images were made in six days of shooting, and I wasn't in the photo blinds as long or as often as our participants since I was either driving or leading our people to the blinds or baiting and setting up perches, and usually entered the blinds later and left earlier. Nonetheless, Mary and I got a lot of shooting in and, as usual, we enjoyed the shoot immensely. We'll be doing this again in 2017.

Black-throated Sparrow; Painted Bunting crash landing -- no bathing!
Olive Sparrow; Dickcissel
Brown-headed Cowbird scratching; House Sparrow begging
Northern Cardinal; Green Jay
Bullock's Oriole; Black-throated Sparrow
Curve-billed Thrasher; Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Lark Sparrow; Long-billed Thrasher
Verdin; Yellow Warbler

Bobwhite Quail; Crested Caracara mobbed by Mockingbird

Bullock's Oriole; Blue Grosbeak; Couch's Kingbird

Kiskadee; Couch's Kingbird, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Olive Sparrow; Brown-crested Flycatcher, Ground Dove

White-tipped Dove; Pyrrhuloxia; Black-crested Titmouse

Cactus Wren, Curve-billed Thrasher; Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Scaled Quail; Mexican Ground Squirrel

Desert Cottontails sparring; Dragonfly about to land

If you're interested in joining us in 2017, please contact our office and get on our First Contact List for our next tour. We'll only be taking 6 participants, so if you're interested, please don't delay.

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