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Reptiles of the World
Photo Shoot 2009


July 13-18 marked what we thought would be our last reptiles of the world photo shoot. One of my reptile suppliers was thinning out his collection, so my main supplier, I thought, would be gone. So we shot images like we've never done before, and had a terrific shoot.

panther chameleonscorpionindian cobra

As you read this, if you are interested in doing this photo shoot in 2010,
contact our office immediately. We will run this shoot in 2010 if there is
an interest, and we will fill the shoot first by those who contact our office,
before posting the photo shoot formally on the web. So, if you are
interested, get in touch with us!

The good news, however, is that I subsequently learned that my friend was still going to keep a smaller collection, and with my other contacts, I'll still have a wide range of subjects to tap in to. So, 2009 may not have marked our last shoot, just a new chapter in an even more exciting range of subjects.

In four days of shooting our group shot over 75 different species, ranging from cobras, puff adders, rattlesnakes and copperheads, to tarantulas, scorpions, geckos, and various treefrogs. Each day we photographed about 15-20 different species, starting at 9AM and continuing almost to 5PM, and resuming again from 8PM to 9:30PM each day. It was an exhausting but very rewarding week.

At the conclusion of the formal shoot my friend Dave Northcott and I continued to shoot the subjects we still had available but did not have time to photograph during the formal shoot. Because it was just the two of us we had the time to explore a variety of lighting techniques that were perhaps a bit more creative, and also productive in giving me ideas for a future shoot.

green mambaeyelash viper

Our shooting continued until the 22nd, four full days after the shoot, and at the conclusion of that time we were truly and totally exhausted. But it left me with the conviction that we will do this shoot again, if there is an interest.

For an even greater selection of images, please check out our
Reptiles of the World Photo Shoot 2009 Portfolio

SEE OUR 2009 Brochure for more details about our Photo Shoot. Some details may change, but you'll get the general idea of our schedule and our protocol, enough,
I believe, to base your decision. The price will probably be increased
a small percentage.

We'll be posting a 2010 Brochure if necessary.