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Tip of the Month

Mini-Molar Bag

July 2009

For several years we've been selling a car-window mount beanbag product called the Molar Bag. The Molar Bag looks just like a molar tooth (hence the name) and fits into the door's window frame, strading the door on either side. A Molar bag filled with bird seed or beans weighs 10 lbs or so, although when we fill ours' with buckwheat shells (which we sell with our Molar Bags) and the Mini-Molar Bag only weighs about 4 lbs.

the two molar bags

In this image the relative sizes of the two Molar Bags are illustrated, with the normal bag on the left, and the Mini-Molar on the right. I've added a nylon cord to the Mini-Molar, which I tie onto my carry-on luggae (for a next pillow) or to tie onto a car handle or grip.


Just over a year ago we tested a new version of this bag, the Mini-Molar, which is about half the size of the original. It works just like the original, although the 'foot print' or top for resting a lens on is about half the size. That has proved sufficiently large to work with our 500mm lenses and any smaller lens. Filled with buckwheat shells the Mini Molar only weighs about 2.3 lbs.

Which bag is the best to use? If space and weight and size isn't a problem, as should be the case for any trip where you are driving to a location, the normal Molar Bag is probably the best choice. The larger surface area, and a bit more sturdiness when nestled into the door/window frame, is worth the size and weight, when these are not considerations.

However for foriegn travel the Mini-Molar is perfect. Filled, the 2.3 lb weight will barely impact upon your packing, and the size is adequate for using your lenses effectively and safely. I've also used the Mini-Molar on boats and canoes where I've set the bag on a railing or the craft's side for a good lens brace.

The Mini-Molar also works as a neck pillow for air travel, so tied to a roll-on bag or backpack I avoid packing it in my luggage and, when I want to sleep, I just nestle the Mini-Molar into my shoulder and neck.

Mary w molars


The relative sizes of the two bags holds, but their real size is exaggerated due to wide-angle distortion! The normal molar bag (on the right) is approximately the size of the Mini-Molar shown on the left. In other words, the Molar Bag isn't as large as Mary's entire body! I included this image, however, for all the fishermen out there who need to illustrate a trophy fish!


Mary w Molar bags

Here is a shot more to scale, although there is still distortion. The Mini-Molar is actually smaller than Mary's head (which, despite an ego, is still normal size!), although the bag looks like it is still twice the size of her head. In actuality the Mini-Molar is approximately the size of the type of neck pillows sold at airports, although the Mini-Molar is a bit bulkier.

The Mini-Molar is a bit more expensive than the normal Molar Bag because of the custom stitching, non-slip top, and the design, but the cost is worth it in terms of convenience when travelling.




Molars and neck pillowsMolar comparisions
These two images illustrate the sizes best. As you can see, the Mini-Molar is actually smaller than the neck pillow (you can see the neck pillow beneath the Mini-Molar on the right-hand image), while the normal Molar is approximately the same size as a neck pillow. In fact, I've actually stuffed a neck pillow into the normal Molar bag as a very light-weight stuffing material. This wasn't too easy, because of the Molar's zipper, but it can be done. A better solution is to simply use buckwheat.

For use at home I still use buckwheat but you might also suggest using bird seed instead. With bird seed you'll have feed available if you need to have bait.

You can order either bag, empty or filled with buckwheat, from our office.

The prices are:
$49 for the Mini-Molar empty,
$54 for the Mini-Molar filled with buckwheat,
$39 for the normal Molar Bag empty, and
$49 for the Molar Bag filled with buckwheat,
plus Postage. Our office will quote your total
price based upon the type of shipping you select .


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