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Tip of the Month

Get Professional Help

This is a pretty easy, common sense tip. When I was designing the new look to our website I read plenty of books and did an OK job of getting the website started, but then I hit a wall. Going to a local professional cut the time I would have used to figure out the problem by a huge amount -- if I'd ever figure it out.

That lesson applies in so many other ways, too. When I was preparing to teach Photoshop courses, and doing it alone, I read plenty, but I learned so, so much more when I actually hired my two instructors, Rick Holt and Ellen Anon, and our guest instructor that first year, Lewis Kemper.

We see it all the time in our own classes. Participants who take our Intro to Photoshop course often feel that they don't need an introductory course, that they already know the basics. We assure them that they do not, and that our 'intro' course will take them into intermediate level work, and truly all they need to know for working as digital photographers. Within a day, we've never had anyone disagree with that recommendation and advice!

Recently, a former participant contacted us about spots to photograph moose in Maine, and he wondered if he should hire a local guide. We almost always do so when we're in a foriegn country, and we know how much time and effort it saves. We told him to do so.

So, the tip is ... Don't be afraid or reluctant or too proud to seek professional help, whether that's to find a moose, a jaguar, a better understanding of Photoshop or digital photography, or designing a web site. You'll save time doing so, and be far more productive.

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