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The New Complete Guide

Hummingbird Photography

For over 35 years I've been photographing Hummingbirds, here at Hoot Hollow, in southeaster Arizona, Montana, Costa Rica, and in Ecuador. This eBook will show you everything you need to know about photographing thses birds. There are chapters on using natural light, using fill-flash with natural light, and using multiple flash for hummingbird set ups.

In the book I discuss focusing concerns, high speed flash synch, TTL flash, and all the gear and equipment you would use for a multi-flash set. Diagrams and illustrations explain in detail every concept, and the diagrams on setting up flashes for a set up are particularly important. Over 50 different species are illustrated, often augmenting the text with real life examples. .



My latest eBook
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the table of contents and a sample page showing how Power Ratios work


One of the neat tricks - using a bounce reflector, and a description and diagrams to explain how High Speed Flash Synch works


Several Diagrams show and explain multiple flash set ups


Beautiful photos of 50 different species from multiple locations


I explain various ways you can make interesting compositions, in the field and doing set ups

145 pages, scores of illustrations and photos

Order at
The New Complete Guide to Hummingbird Photography (e-junkie.com)


The OLYMPUS System
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If you wish to learn photography, take one of our workshops. If you want to travel, consider one of our photo tours. You can travel and just take pictures, or you can travel with us, two naturalists as well as photographers that will provide you with the information that explains and gives meaning both to your photographs and to your experience.

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