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Trip and Scouting Reports

Our Latest Reports

Tanzania February 2023

Chile January pumas 2023

Costa Rica Osa Peninsula 2022

Tanzania Fall 2022

Brazil Northern & Southern Pantanal 2022

Ecuador 2022

Costa Rica Hummingbirds January 2022

Kenya 2021

Rwanda 2021

Tanzania Fall 2021

Tanzania February 2020

Chile pumas February 2020

Falkland Islands 2020

Chile pumas January 2020

Amazon Scouting 2019
Brazil 2019
Alaska Katmai & Iliamna 2019
Svalbard 2019
Arizona 2019
South Texas 2019
India 2019
Costa Rica 2019
Chile 2018
Kenya Fall 2018
Rwanda 2018
Yellowstone 2018
Brazil Northern & Southern Pantanal 2018
Galapagos 2018
Ecuador 2018
India 2018
Tanzania February 2018
Kenya January 2018
Falkland Island 2017
Yellowstone Photo Tour 2017
Jaguars of the Pantanal Sept 2017
Jaguars of the Pantanal 2017 Trip 2
Jaguars of the Pantanal 2017 Trip 1
Svalbard's Polar Bears and Widlife
Costa Rica Hummingbirds 2017

Kenya Mini-Mara Safari 2016
Kenya Photo Safari 2016
Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas Trip 1 2016
Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas Trip 2 2016
Tanzania Northern Serengeti 2016
Jaguars of the Pantanal Trip 1 2016
Jaguars of the Pantanal Trip 2 2016
Galapagos 2016

Ecuador Hummingbirds and Wildlife 2016

India Tigers and Wildlife 2016
Tigers - mini-Safari 2016
Snow Leopard Expedition 2016
Western India - Lions and more 2016
Tanzania - Gnu Migration 2016
Falklands 2016

After virtually every photo tour or safari we post a detailed write-up that details what we saw, some of the experiences we had, and any noteworthy highlights from the trip.

These write-ups are articles, really, complete with photos, captions, and, of course, text. Some of these may be direct html documents, others may be links to pdf files we created. Our latest trips, from the summer of 2009 and beyond, will be linked in the table and text immediately following this announcement.

For our archived trip reports posted from the previous version of this website, and with the 'old look' please see the table at the very bottom of the page. From there you can also navigate to our pre-summer of 2009 subheadings,
like our Questions and Tips of the Month.

Click on the box for the links to reports
for all of that Region's Tour or Safari

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Antarctica and the Falklands
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Alaska Whales Bears and Denali
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Photo Tours
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Miscel Foreign Tours Reptile Photo Shoot
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Check out all of our previous reports, prior to 2009, archived on our old web pages.

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