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Domestic Photo Tours and Workshops

bear tour

Mary and I conduct several photo tours and shoots in various locations in the United States every year. These include shoots in Yellowstone and Arizona, and shoots and workshops at our favorite location, our studio in Hoot Hollow. At Hoot Hollow we offer photography courses and flash courses, as well as personalized, one-on-one sessions.

For many of our domestic offerings lodging is included and most meals. Transportation is included for some tours. Mary and I personally conduct these tours and workshops. All of our trips are tailored to your needs and we only work with small groups.

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bear salmonw

Coastal Brown Bears and Digital Photography Workshop

We offer this incredible shoot every other year. We're photographing Brown Bears from the beach, at eye-level, and often quite close as the bears fish for salmon. Our home base is a boat featuring comfortable cabins and great food, and we'll have access to shooting all day. Additionally, we'll be photographing Bald Eagles, Sea Otters, and whatever other wildlife we encounter. The trip is limited to only eight photographers.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere CC Courses
(private instruction is available)

We have offered several photoshop courses for various levels of skill.

lion king cloud

Introduction to Photoshop (beginner/intermediate)
Experience shows us that 95% of the people who take this course, who believe they 'know' Photoshop know approximately 5% of what they need. You'll learn all you need to know to process RAW files via the Adobe Raw Converter, and you'll master the most useful feature of Photoshop - Layers and Masking. Anyone interested in advancing in Photoshop should take this course!

Adobe Premiere CC
Limited to no more than four participants, and available for two participants upon request, you will learn everything you need to know to make a professional-looking video. Participants receive my how-to PDF book, and very intense and personal instruction. Contact our office if you are interested.,

Office Phone: 717 543-6423
Or FAX us at: (717) 543-5342.