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Photo Tours and Safaris Worldwide


Mary and I personally conduct several photo safaris each year.
We have been leading safaris to Africa since 1985.
We never do a safari or tour before we personally check it out .
All of our trips are tailored to your needs and we only work with small groups.

A very important point!
The information you will find below may be a brochure or a scouting report.
A brochure may not be available at this time.
Some trips fill simply via our inquiry list, and not from a formal posting or brochure.
If YOU ARE INTERESTED in anything you see below,
contact our office so that you will be on a 'First Contact' list.
Some tours and safaris are completely filled in this fashion
and are never posted or advertised.

Click on the links below or scroll down further for a brief description of these Photo Safaris

For Mammals, consider:

Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas and special Kwitz Izina Naming Ceremony Trip!
Polar Bears of Svalbard
Jaguars of the Pantanal
Kenya Photo Safari Northern Circuit
Kenya Photo Safari 2018
Tanzania Great Migration
Northern Serengeti Fall Migration
Tigers - Ultimate Safari
Tigers of Bandhavgarh
Western India - Lions, Wolves, Birds and more
Snow Leopards in the Wild
Puma - in the Wild in Chile
Pumas and the Wildlife of Chile
Baja Whales and Dolphins

For Birds, consider:

Falkland Islands Penguins, Birds, etc.
Galapagos Birds, Reptiles, Seals
Costa Rica Hummingbirds and Wildlife
Ecuador Hummingbirds and More
Jaguars and Wildlife of the Pantanal
Polar Bears of Svalbard
Ultimate Tiger Safari

You can go on a safari with a photo leader and take pictures,
but there is no other photo safari that will provide you with the information
that explains what you are seeing, that gives meaning to
your photographs and to your experience.
As our participants say, it is what truly
sets us apart from all the rest.

Check out our Domestic Photo Tour Offerings too!

For information on our photo tours and safaris,
please choose:

malegorilla chargebaby

(click above link for details)
Rwanda's mountain gorillas are perhaps the premiere and most spectacular wildlife encounter any wildlife photographer and wildlife lover can have.

Photographing the gorillas is almost a life-changing experience. It is magical, exhilarating, and extremely productive. Rwanda is a magical, scenically beautiful country that is safe, tourist-friendly, and surprisingly comfortable. Features 5 days of Mountain Gorilla permits and an extra full day for photographing the landscapes and the people.

gnu migration

Kenya PHOTO SAFARI - Samburu, Nakuru, and the Masai Mara

These are among our most popular tours.
We'll be visiting the three best game-viewing and photography destinations in Kenya, and probably in all of Africa. Each locale is unique, with the endemic species of semi-arid Samburu -- gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx, Gunther's dik-dik, and of course great elephants and a wonderful chance of leopard. Samburu's bird photography is extraordinary, too. Lake Nakuru is famous for its flamingos but it also has a candy-store variety of mammals, including great white rhino, Rothschild's giraffes, and baboons, vervet monkeys, leopards, various antelopes, and many species of birds. The crown jewel is the Masai Mara, and our tours are virtually the only photography tours that visit three distinct locations within this incredibly rich park. By staying at three different camps -- in the south, the west, and finally the east, we'll maximize our game-viewing with minimum driving, concentrating on the rich game of the region. Our subjects -- the best! Including wonderful cheetah opportunities, great lion prides, hyenas, jackals, leopards, all the plains game, crocs, hippos, elephants, and many species of birds, both song and birds-of-prey. Our trips are limited to 3 photographers per vehicle!


Tanzania's Great Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti
The Gnu Birthing Season

Tanzania's Serengeti is world-famous and justly so. It is a sweeping, spectacular landscape with herds of gnus and zebras, with grassy plains dotted with spectacular granite kopjes, the home of lions and cheetahs. We'll be visiting two different locations in the Serengeti, as well as the incredible Ngorongoro Crater -- a wildlife mecca that is home to extremely trusty wildlife species. Our visit is timed to be in the prime areas for witnessing the birthing of the wildebeest (gnus) and all the drama often associated with this spectacle. Contact our office .

Tanzania's Migration in the Northern and Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangeri

bThe northern Serengeti borders Kenya's Masai Mara but the two can seem world's apart. Bordering the Mara River, in the northern Serengeti we hope to encounter the gnu herds as they move south, and the river crossings here can be spectacular. The landscape, too, is worth the visit, with some of the most beautiful kopjes in the Serengeti. Of course, we'll be seeing plenty of kopjes as we travel south into the central Serengeti area, and the wildlife associated with both the kopjes and the grasslands. We'll be staying in luxury tented camps in spectacular, quite private locations, and we'll be visiting ncredible Ngorongoro Crater -- a wildlife mecca that is home to extremely trusty wildlife species.
At the end of this trip we'll be visiting Tarangeri, and offering a short extension for incredible bat photography in the evening.


jacobinwood nymph

Costa Rica Hummmingbirds and Wildlife
(click above link for details)

We are doing this tour in 2019 !

Costa Rica is famous for its hummingbirds, tropical wildlife, hospitality, and spectacular scenery, and we'll be enjoying all of these on this, our fifth photo tour to Costa Rica! This trip is extremely diverse, with over a dozen species of Hummingbirds, plenty of songbirds, toucans, parrots, reptiles, sloths, and much more. With three different hummingbird locales we could shoot a total of over 20 species. The trip is limited to only eight participants and we'll be using three of our high speed flash setups for the hummingbird photography!

Ecuador's Hummingbirds and more
April 2020

Imagine literally being surrounded by hummingbirds. That's what is likely to happen at the first of our multiple locations for photographing the hummingbirds, birds, and other wildlife in this diverse and beautiful country. Typically we photograph at least 18 different species of hummingbirds, as well as such spectacular iconic birds like the Cock-of-the-Rock, Aracaris, Mot-Mots, and more. Weather permitting, we'll photograph the spectacular volcanoes along the Andean continental divide, where we'll have a chance at seeing South America's only bear, the Spectacled Bear. Our trip concludes in the upper Amazon basin, giving us a range of habitats and wildlife from the Cloudforest to the alpine treeless tundra to the jungle foothills. You'll be using our High Speed Flash equipment for most of the set-ups, although you'll have opportunities for a variety of photographic techniques.

Pumas and the Wildlife of southern Chile
December 2018

We've made several trips to Chile for Pumas (mountain lions) and each effort proved more productive and easier. We've had great luck with Pumas, but the timing of this tour will maximize our photo opportunities with a wide variety of birds and mammals, as well as giving us the chance to photograph one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.


Jaguars and the Wildlife of the Pantanal
August-September 2018

We'll be doing another trip to the world's largest wetlands, Brazil's Pantanal, devoting most of our time in searching for jaguars, the New World's largest, and the world's third largest, cat. While we will do all we can to maximize our chances for photographing wild jaguars we will also be photographing the Pantanal's other incredibly diverse wildlife. Other species we can expect include giant otters, jabiru storks at the nest, hyacinth macaws, other parrot species, a variety of song, perch, and water/wading birds, birds of prey, kingfishers - the best location in the world, pootoos, caimens, anacondas, and other reptiles, amphibians, and insects. I expect this to be one of our most exciting destinations in 2016, so if you're interested, get on our first-contact list ASAP.

The Ultimate India Tiger Photo Safari

tiger faceThere is no better itinerary available for photographing the endangered Bengal tiger. We'll be visiting three of the best parks for tigers -- Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Pench, with an optional extension to Satpura, and all of these parks are within a half-day's drive of one another. Once we are afield we will not lose a day to travel, and each day we'll have the chance to see and photograph tigers, as well as a variety of other species.
Limited to Ten participants with only TWO photographers per jeep, this trip offers the ultimate in shooting opportunites, both in locations and logistics. In 2016 we are also offering a shorter trip only to Bandhavgarh as well (see below) .

(image courtesy of Angus Fraser)

Snow Leopards in the Wild
April 2019
This will be our third expedition for one of the world's most elusive predators. We've had success on all of our trips, but I expect our groups to do even better in the future!

Polar Bears of Svalbard

June 2019 and June 2020
We use a wonderful, 12 passenger ship, coveted by everyone -- the Stockholm. We'll be doing a 10 day trip that will take us into the ice for Polar Bears, but we'll also be photographing Atlantic Walruses, nesting colonies of Common Eiders, Rock Ptarmigan, Northern Fulmars, and much, much more. We do two great game drives on the main island for reindeer, ptarmigan, eiders, foxes, and more. Our ship provides a great low-level viewing platform, and plenty of space for every photographer.


Whales and Dolphins of the Baja

Inquire with our office
To many the experience of actually touching a whale is one of the highlights of that person's life, and you're likely to have that opportunity on this trip. We'll be photographing Gray Whales, various Dolphin species, and other cetaceans, usually including Humpback, Sei, and Killer Whales. We'll be photographing a variety of birds, and we'll be swimming with Sealions -- an incredible experience all by itself. Join us aboard the Searcher, a ship dedicated to whale watching!

Falkland Islands
December 2019 and January 2020

This is the most accessible and productive location in the world for photographing penguins and a variety of other birds, and wildlife. Four to five species of penguin likely, as well as caracaras, albatrosses, birds of prey, songbirds, waterfowl, herons and shorebirds, elepant seals, sealions, and marine mammals too.


geladagelada 1ibex

Ethiopia's Mountain Mammals
(there are no plans for this trip at this time)
(Click link for details)

Ethiopian wolves, ibex, hamadryas baboons, lammagyer vultures, and spectacular landscapes. This safari will be devoted to the exotic wildlife of the incredible highlands of Ethiopia.



Torres del Paine, Chile
(Click link for details)

Torres del Paine, in the fabled land of Patagonia, the windy mountains and steppes of southern Argentina and Chile, sports some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. The horns and towers of the the Paine masiff are almost beyond description, rising abruptly from the relatively flat steppes of Patagonia. This trip will be primarily scenics, with views of the mountain dominating our agenda, but there is a surprising amount of diversity available with wildlife, flowers, gauchos, and more.


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