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One Day and Weekend-long
Photography Seminars

These one day and weekend-long Photography Seminars are the perfect way for a host organization to raise funds. Seminar topics cover much of what we cover in our week-long Digital Complete Nature Photography Course but without the field time. Instruction is done via lecture, PowerPoint Presentations, and demonstrations. Specific topics or special emphasis can be arranged, such as a greater emphasis upon electronic flash and remote camera tripping devices, or digital workflow, or Photoshop techniques to maximize the digital potential.

We're very flexible about our schedule, and often host organizations have us present a public program on Friday evening as an introduction to a Saturday and Sunday seminar. Occasionally Sunday morning is reserved for some field instruction. Call us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

School Assembly Programs

Mary Ann and Joe present natural history programs tailored for elementary and middle school audiences covering a variety of natural history topics. Programs involve 45 minute to one hour PowerPoint presentations, and occasionally a live animal. We book single, back-to-back, full day, and concurrent two day program series involving several schools in a district, and we'll mix programs to provide exactly what your students and teachers require. These are perfect for Earth Day celebrations! Call or email us, and click on the link for further information.

Visiting Author Programs

For the last few years Mary has been giving several 'visiting author presentations' to elementary schools, some during National Book Weeks, some for special events, where she discusses being an author, writing 29 children's books on natural history, and presenting a Power Point Presentation on our wildlife work. Normally the presentations are an all-day event with Mary addressing the school in a full assembly, and then special visits to individual classrooms for tailor-made presentations and more personal question and answer sessions. Click on the link for further information.

Natural History Lectures

Joe and Mary Ann present a variety of natural history programs covering a wide variety of subjects to Audubon Clubs, natural history groups and clubs, photography clubs and organizations, sportsmen's clubs, and zoological groups and associations. Topics vary from African wildlife to backyard wildlife.