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Personal and Personalized



In Photography or Photoshop

If you can't fit in one of our photo courses, or if you have a specific topic and concern that you'd like to cover or learn more, consider booking a personalized session with us.

Topics are wide-ranging, and of your choice. Subjects we frequently cover on these one-on-one or small group sessions include:


Digital Workflow and the RAW Converter
New-comers to digital love this session! We cover digital workflow, where your images are now organized in a make-sense manner, and training you in a system you can use for organization forever. The RAW converter is so powerful that traditional PhotoShop techniques are barely needed, if RAW is done right! However, in any of these sessions we can delve into neat or essential PhotoShop techniques as well, from using Masks to using NIK software and HDR or Helicon Focus techniques.

Understanding Manual Exposure

Understanding and Using Flash

Flash and remote-camera firing devices

Macro Photography

Photoshop Techniques


Field Practices and Shooting

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Price includes lunch, hours vary
depending upon the subject or
your requirements.
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