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Flash Photography

sugar glider

In the nature and wildlife photography world, Joe McDonald
is considered one of the leading expets in the use of flash
photography. He has presented more flash programs at the
NANPA annual summits than any other photographer, as
well as region conferences like the NECCC.

Several of our offerings address flash.

For basic understanding helpful to virtually every photographer,
TTL flash is covered in our Digital Complete Nature Photo Course
and in our Arizona Digital Complete Nature Photo Course.
(there are no plans for an Arizona DCNPC at this time)


For a more through treatment on flash, covering both manual
and TTL flash techniques, we also offer a one-week long
flash course, the Advanced Nature Photo Course.
You'll use our flashes in a variety of projects that reenforce
the lessons you'll learn in class lectures and in demonstrations.

rattler striking

For photographers with specific needs or projects, Joe will
also address flash in special Personalized Sessions tailored
to your specific needs. Contact our office for further information.

For large group instruction, flash techniques are also covered in our
photography weekend or one-day seminars. The topics for a
seminar can be tailored for a group's needs or interests, and
flash and remote-camera tripping techniques can be a major
portion of these presentations.

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