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Over the years Mary and I have acquired a lot of cameras and lenses, some of which we barely used as another lens tempted us to replace what we just bought. In almost every case we kept the ‘old’ gear, so we’d have backup for a trip if our new ‘prime’ lens would break. Of course, that never happened, so these lenses and cameras simply sat in our equipment drawers.

So we’re unloading equipment at prices that are a steal. I’ve always been a bit reluctant to buy used gear because of the way I’ve seen people treat their equipment – a way that we did not do! We’ve always kept rear caps on, body caps on, etc., to maintain internal integrity. Some of our lenses might have scuff marks – Canon white lenses are unforgiving when anything hard rubs against them – but these are cosmetic flaws only.

First, the Kid's Kit!

Canon 7D Camera. The LCD monitor has a protective plastic cover. This kept the screen from scratching and can be removed, obviously. The cover is torn in places but I'd keep it on, regardless. The various buttons are covered with gaffer's tape to keep dust out -- just a standard precaution.

Tamron 24-105 Zoom with Macro capabilities: This zoom will cover a lot of ground, from wide-angle to macro at approximately 1:3 reproduction ratio.

Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 zoom: This AF lens does not have image stabilization, but shot off a tripod it would not matter. I had a BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner with this shot ... it is a beauty. For an aspiring wildlife photographer, this lens would be a dream!

Kid's Kit

If you have a teenager in mind who would like to get into photography, this entire kit would be a great starter. I’m suggesting the Canon 7D (with a 1.6X crop factor), Tamron 28-105 f2.8 zoom, Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 zoom (I had a BBC winner with this lens!), and a Canon 2X tele-converter. Separately, at low-ball ebay prices this package would sell for over $2,000. 
Hoothollow Price: $1,400.


Canon 1DX – near Mint - $2,500
This camera comes with a Really Right Stuff camera L-bracket - a $150 value!

Canon 1DX – great condition – with camera strap - $2,300
Some gaffer tape scuffing around the rubber ports to keep dust out.
This camera comes with a RRS camera L bracket - a $150 value!

Canon 1DX – very good condition – - $2,000
No Photo

Canon 1Ds Mark III- $800 –

Full-frame camera. Comes with a RRS camera L-bracket – a $140 value!

Canon 1D Mark IV - $900


Canon 1D Mark IV - $750

Has a protective plastic cover over the LCD Monitor. Some scuff marks and tape marks on the pentaprism top.

Canon 7D – great condition - $350


Canon 400mm f5.6L Telephoto - $800

This lens was very infrequently used. I'm showing the cosmetic flaws - scuff marks/scratches on the lens hood. This is an extremely fast-focusing and sharp lens - excellent for flight shots or sports.
The lens comes with a Wimberley Lens plate.

Canon 400mm f5.6L Telephoto - $700

This was Mary's lens and was used even less often than mine! The lens has some scuff marks/scratches on the lens hood (clearly shown above) which could be 'touched up' with white paint if anyone cared. The lens comes with a Wimberley Lens plate.

Flash Extenders – Visual Echoes Better Beamers


These flash extenders concentrate the flash beam for the best coverage for 300mm and longer lenses, extending the flash beam to nearly three times the distance the same f-stop would work without the beamer. These normally sell for $34, and the replacement arms for $14 – we’re selling our Beamers for $20. Tell us your flash and we’ll match it with the bracket (arm) that fits, although ANY flash can be used with these Beamers if the bottom flange is removed (via a scissors). These Beamers are perfect, not only for extending a TTL flash, but for fantastic, distant flash coverage for multi-flash setups where you can’t have flashes (especially at low power) close to the subject. Imagine being three times further back!
Sales Price: $20

Camera bags and Camera Gadget Bags

LowePro ProTrekker 400 – BRAND NEW, Never Used – super capacity - $175

LowePro Gadget Bag – great condition, plenty of room and with plenty of inserts - $50
Tamron Gadget Bag – slightly worn but with all inserts and plenty of room - $35
ThinkTank CPS stuff pack – for computers and camera gear - $35
Kinesis Camera and Lens Hip Pack system - $50

Lowepro Fanny Pack - $25

The following cameras come with a battery and charger and original box:

Canon 1D Mark II - $300
Canon 1D Mark II N - $400

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