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We offer the finest in small group wildlife and nature photography tours,
workshops and safaris, both domestic and foreign.

Hoot Hollow Cookbook


               The Hoot Hollow Cookbook will offer you and your family days of new recipes to try. The cookbook runs at $14.95 (PA sales tax, when applicable, and shipping are not included). To order your signed copy, contact Berni at info@hoothollow.com . I’m very proud of my cookbook and I know that it will become part of your well-used library of family-favorite recipes.


The Olympus OM-D E-Mark III and M1X Menu
What I shoot and Why!
The Guide for Wildlife and Nature Photographers

25 Key Essential Steps to Making a Great Video with Adobe Premiere CC

Focus Bracketing with the Olympus in Macro Photography

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of the Pantanal

This 263 page book illustrates over 150 species of birds you are likely to see in the Pantanal of Brazil. It is the perfect guide for anyone visiting the Pantanal for a Jaguar or wildlife trip. Many species are shown in multiple views, hopefully providing motivation and inspiration for photographers visiting the area.


Understanding High Speed Flash and Triggering Devices
164 pages of photos and how-to information! For a brief
preview of the book with sample pages, click here!
Hunt's Photo has a special discount for Cognisys Sabres and Range IRs


This ebook covers everything you’ll need to know to use High Speed Electronic Flash and Camera Triggering Devices to capture wildlife in action. The ebook begins with a treatment of flash, including a thorough explanation of TTL flash, especially as it would relate to high speed flash techniques. Manual Flash, covering Power Ratios, Guide Numbers, and the importance and convenience of manual flash, is thoroughly explained, especially as it relates to camera triggering devices.
The second half of the book deals with camera and flash triggering devices, specifically using the state of the art equipment produced by Cognisys, the Range IR, and the Sabre, and how to use this equipment to take incredible wildlife images. Readers will learn how to photograph hummingbirds, bats, and various wildlife subjects, with diagrams illustrating the setups.

The ebook is patterned after Joe’s popular lecture on this subject, and the progression of the topics are systematic and logical, interspersed with quizzes and questions Joe asks you to try. The goal of this book is for photographers to be able to do the type of images illustrated in the ebook, and to understand that gear to do so.

"...in the Wild" series



The first of a series, with future titles on Penguins, Mountain Gorillas, the Great Migration, and more. Available from Amazon or
signed copies from our office - $20 plus tax and shipping.


Creatures of the Night describes and illustrates a variety of nocturnal creatures, from mammals to insects, with descriptive captions. Small chapters on the various categories -- mammals, birds, reptiles, etc. and a small chapter on photographing nocturnal creatures are included. Contact our office.
US $ 29.99


If you choose to purchase this hardback book form us, you will also recive the companion cd:
Understanding High Speed Flash and
Camera/Flash Triggering Devices
Featuring the Secrets Behind "Creatures of the Night"
Click for a brief overview

One Thousand Hills, One Hundred Treks, and Countless Friends
In November 2016, Mary and I completed our 100th trek (each) and this commemorative book celebrates Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas. The book was made with Blurb, an online publisher, and can be purchased directly through them via the link, or get signed copies directly from us for $59.99 (plus PA sales tax if applicable).
The book was presented to all of those involved in Mountain Gorilla conservation at the celebration of our 100th trek, which was one heck of a big party.

Both our available from Amazon

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