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Wildlife Photo Tours

We will be offering several Photo Safaris to India in 2018
The exact dates (as of 2-1-2017) are not set.
Please refer to the brochures below as a reference -
dates and prices and slight changes to the itinerary will occur

Tigers and the Wildlife of India
Photo Tour
Special Tiger post-trip to Tadoba


Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Join us for one, several, or all of these exciting shoots

We'll be returning to India in 2016 for several exciting shoots, where it is possible, in one trip to India, to photograph all of India's iconic predators, as well as the rest of India's incredible wildlife. There is no other country in the world that offers wild Tigers and wild Lions, Bears, Leopards, and Wolves. India's wildlife is incredibly diverse, and we'll be offering short trips to the best locations for photographing each. Following the links below, you can read the specific brochure for each of these excursions. You can do one, or several, or the entire bunch, for the Ultimate India Wildlife Photo Tour.

Dates and Prices will be posted soon. Complete Brochures will be available
shortly. The dates are approximate at this time and may change by one to three days, so do not book flights until we have these dates locked down. These dates are for reference only. The brochures that are linked are for our 2015 trips and are for reference only, but they will give you a good general idea. Again, these will be updated with the specific price and date.

tSpecial Tiger Photography post-trip

To maximize your 'big cat time,' we'll be offering a special 7 day trip to one of the best Tiger parks, for 4 full days seeking, and hopefully photographing, Tigers. In 2015 our group had 16 sightings in 6 days here, and you'll have the option of doing a special full-day permit to photograph Tigers.

dIndia's Tigers and Wildlife Photo Tour

We'll be visiting four of India's best wildlife parks for Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs (Dholes), Golden Jackals, Jungle Cats, Gaur, various deer, Wild Boar, primates, and a large variety of birds.


tSpecial Tiger Photography post-trip to Tadoba National Park

We'll spend our last days in India at one of the undiscovered jewels, Tadoba, one of the best locations for photographing Tigers. Although a variety of other animals are there -- in 2015 our group had Dhole and Sloth Bear and multiple species of herbivores, we'll be concentrating on Tigers.

For more information on this trip and to have a great idea about conditions, opportunities,
and all sorts of details, refer to any of our Trip Reports.

About Your Leaders

My wife Mary Ann and I strive to provide the most comfortable and
thorough safari you will experience. Both Mary and I are professional photographers, and I'd hope you've seen our credits. These included
National Geographic, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Natural History,
Living Bird, Birder's World, and most nature/wildlife calendars.

As a husband/wife team, Mary Ann and I have won more times in the
prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition than any
one. To date we have had 15 firsts, seconds, or thirds -- and we have
not entered every year. Our trips are not about us, however, they are all
for you, but credentials seem to matter, and we have them.

Mary has written twenty-nine (29) children's books, including Leopards, Grizzly Bears, Woodpeckers,
Flying Squirrels, Sunflowers, Cobras, Jupiter, Boas, Garter Snakes, Pythons, Rattlesnakes, Ducks, Chickens, Horses, and Cows, and a coffee table book, Out of the Past, Amish Tradition and Faith.

I've written several how-to wildlife photography books -- A Practical Guide to Photographing American Wildlife,
The Wildlife Photographer's Field Manual, The Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography, Designing Wildlife
Photographs, Photographing on Safari, A Field Guide to Photographing in East Africa, and the New Complete
Guide to Wildlife Photography, African Wildlife, Creatures of the Night, The World's Deadliest, and several
ebooks. We have produced an instructional video, A Video Guide to Photographing on Safari with
Joe and Mary Ann McDonald.

We are both editors for Nature Photographer magazine.

In addition to leading our trips to Tanzania, Mary and I personally lead photo safaris to Kenya,
Brazil's Pantanal, Chile, Galapagos, Svalbard, India, Alaska, Rwanda, Yellowstone, Ecuador, Costa Rica,
the Falklands, Antarctica, South Texas, Arizona, and some other spots, too!

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