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Welcome to Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's
Wildlife Photography

We offer the finest in small group wildlife and nature photography photo tours, workshops, and safaris, both domestic and foreign.
You can go on a photo tour or a safari with a photo leader and take pictures, or you can travel with us, two naturalists as well as photographers that will provide you with the information that explains what you are seeing, and that gives meaning both to your photographs and to your experience.
As our participants say, it is what truly sets us apart from all the rest.

Last Update: October 10, 2016

Why You Should Travel with Us

Just Released:

gOne Thousand Hills, One Hundred Treks, and Countless Friends
This fall, in November, Mary and I will have completed our 100th trek (each) and this commemorative book celebrates Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas. The book was made with Blurb, an online publisher, and can be purchased directly through them via the link, or signed copies from us.The book will be presented to all of those involvedin Mountain Gorilla conservation at the celebration of our 100th trek, which should be one heck of a big party.

This book is also available as an ebook for just $9.95 (+PA sales tax). The expanded ebook version has 23 extra pages, with more photographs and with sound tips on photographing the gorillas, clothing suggestions, and other essentials for doing a gorilla trek.

bClick here to purchase our first ebook
Understanding High Speed Flash and
Camera/Flash Triggering Devices

Click here for a brief overview

World's Deadliest Creaturesand our second book in the series:
World's Deadliest Creatures
by Joe McDonald
Photos by Joe & Mary Ann McDonald

The natural world can be deadly, with animals as diverse as elephants and orcas or ticks and taipans having the potential to make any encounter a lethal one. This book explores the world’s most deadly creatures, covering every major animal group both on the land and in the sea, and the unique adaptations these animals have that make these creatures dangerous to man.

Please contact us for your signed copy. Price: $35 US

All of our books

New Tip of the Month
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A Perfect Christmas Gift!

We are selling some of our old lenses that were replaced
by new versions. Many of these lenses saw very little use,
so some are like new. At any rate, we're thinking some of
these lenses would be great 'starters' for friends or family
thinking of getting into photography with great glass
at a very affordable price. Check out the link!

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