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Welcome to Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's
Wildlife Photography

We offer the finest in small group wildlife and nature photography photo tours, workshops, and safaris, both domestic and foreign.

Last Update: October 13, 2015

Our latest book, Creatures of the Night, is out!


From the biggest Grizzly to the smallest Jumping Spider,
we photographed everything on our Yellowstone Photo Tour.
Read the report!

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I've finally had time to post the photos from our
South Texas Wildlife Photo Tour.


Tanzania Great Gnu Migration 2016
Jan. 31-Feb. 12, 2016

Ultimate India Wildlife Tour 2016
Lions of Gir and the Wildlife of Western India 2016
Tigers in Bandhavgarh 2016 Mini-Photo Tour
Tigers of Tadoba - post trip mini-photo tour

Read our TRIP REPORTS for Snow Leopards and India's Tigers and Wildlife

You will learn how to make images like this in the
Flash-Advanced D CNPC -- and it is fairly easy!

We are also very proud to be part of a great new online
photo community - ALIVE! Several pros, including us, present
short online lessons, including several on electronic flash.
Check it out!

Upcoming 2016 Tours

Featured Photo Safaris

Tanzania's Northern Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater 2016
Too Good not to do again-
This is the other one of the two Best Wildlife Photography Locations!

Jaguars of the Pantanal 2016-
We were the first and are still the best
for photographing Jaguars and the diverse
wildlife of the Pantanal
We'll be doing two trips and an extension
to the Southern Pantanal as well.

Ecuador's Hummingbirds
April 14-23, 2016


The Story Behind the Photograph and
Question of the Month

Photographing Flying Insects

Read the RRS Blog, too!

In the TABLE at the bottom you'll find our monthly Question
and the Tip and our Scouting and Trip Reports.

Recent Trip Reports:

Jaguars and the Wildlife of the Pantanal Trip Report 2015
Alaska Brown Bear 2015
Baja Whales, Dolphins and Wildlife 2015

Costa Rica 2015
Pumas in Chile 2014

Two New Books Reviewed

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PA foggy forestraccoon
DIGITAL Complete Nature Photo Course
June/July 2015

This should be the foundation of all your future
photography -- we wish everyone that did a tour with us
woulld take this course!

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Don't have time for a one week instructional course?
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