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Lens Sale
If you have a son or daughter, or a spouse, or a friend, who is thinking of getting into photography and you want to start them off with great gear, here's some items to get them started. I'm selling these at a bargain price because they've literally been sitting in my lens closet for the last few years, with the thought that if I ever needed a quick replacement, before a trip, I'd have the right lens available. You might consider that for yourself, too, but I'm thinking these could be great gifts for serious beginners -- especially young people who would appreciate the look, feel, and weight of a lens with great glass.

Canon 70-200mm f2.8L non IS
A great over-all wildlife lens, especially in low light, or for portraits, too. Works
very well with a tele-converter. Although not IS, shot from a tripod or a beanbag (on safari) the non-IS is not a big issue.


Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 AF lens
This is an extremely versatile wildlife lens. It has been replaced by
a IS version, but the manual focus lens is extremely sharp. I am
including the expensive 106mm Circular Polarizing Filter for this
lens, $100plus, included with the lens! This is a GREAT lens.
Canon 1D Mark III cameras
Although the Mark III is now several versions behind the
latest models, this is a rugged camera that would be perfect
for camera traps (for those worried about theft or damage)
or for a serious son or daughter who wants a pro-grade camera
at a very affordable price!

Understanding High Speed Flash
Camera/Flash Triggering Devices


This ebook began as a companion piece to Creatures of the Night,
but it is so much more. This ebook gives an extremely thorough and
easy to read treatment of electronic flash, specifically how it applies to
wildlife photography. The treatment of triggering devices is unique.
no other book addresses this with such completness.


We're selling this ebook via eJunkie, but you can get a CD of the book
and the hard-cover Creatures of the Night -- see below.

World's Deadlies Creatures Cover

Contact our office for your copy today. US $35

Creatures of the Night

Our book, Creatures of the Night


It has been several years since Mary or I have written a book but recently we were contacted by a publisher to do so, and Creatures of the Night is the result. The book describes and illustrates a variety of nocturnal creatures, from mammals to insects, with descriptive captions. Small chapters on the various categories -- mammals, birds, reptiles, etc. and a small chapter on photographing nocturnal creatures are included.
US $ 29.99

Joe has created a companion CD/DVD on the techniques used for the book. We'll include the CD for only $9.95 as part of your book order. If you order the book from Amazon or other retailer the CD can be bought separately for $19.95.


Finally, I would really appreciate it if you could do a review on Amazon -- that helps tremendously.
Also, Amazon sells a few of my now out-of-print books. These books were film-based, but the information on photography applies equally well to digital shooting. Obviously, histograms, post-processing, etc. were still far in the future, but the skills of photography have not changed.

I have two ebooks almost ready for purchase - Tigers and the Wildlife of India, and Jaguars and the Wildlife of the Pantanal. Both books are available on Amazon. In January 2016 I hope to have these books available as ebooks at considerably less cost.


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