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Our complete schedule with links to the various brochures

Last Update: June 13, 2017
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2017 Schedule

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July 9-13, 2017 Advanced Digital Nature Photography Course (Flash)
$1995 10 openings

July 16-22, 2017 Digital Complete Nature Photography Course
$1995 2 openings

Our DCNPC is unique. The course stresses the importance of sound photographic techniques, emphasizing exposure, composition, and flash to make THE BEST IMAGES YOU CAN, RIGHT IN THE CAMERA. However, shooting digital provides a completely unique advantage -- allowing photographers to combine Photoshop techniques to maximize their creative and digital potential, and you'll be learning how this can be done.
You'll see photography as you never have before, developing a competence in your skills while learning exciting new ways to further your artistic vision.


Aug 14-20, 2017 Alaska Brown Bears of Katmai National Park
$6995, (Double Occupancy only on boat)

The Wildlife of the Pantanal:
Jaguars, Capybaras, Caiman and More
September 13-23, 2017
$7895 FULL

Yellowstone Fall Photo Tour
September 30 - October 5, 2017
$1995 FULL

October 8-14, 2017 Photographic Society of America conference
Joe & Mary Ann will be speaking Oct 13, topic to be determined

November 8 - December 4, 2017 ULTIMATE ANTARCTICA
hosted by Joe Van Os

The leadership team of 10 nature photographers, naturalists and wildlife biologists (including Joe and Mary Ann)
is unmatched in the industry.

Falkland Islands Photo Tour
including The Neck on Saunders
December 8-24, 2017
Price $9495 2 openings

2018 Schedule

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Kenya Photo Safari - the Northern Circuit
featuring several private reserves
January 23- February 2, 2018 1 opening
Price: $9695 SS $1131

The Great Migration:Tanzania Photo Safari #1
February 4-15, 2018 (12 days, 10 days in the field)
Price $ 11895 FULL

The Great Migration:Tanzania Photo Safari #2
February 15-26, 2018 (12 days, 10 days in the field)
Price: $11495 2


1. The two trips have different itineraries with the first one offering two nights at Lake Masek Luxury Tented Lodge. By staying at two different locations in the Ntudu area, and with weather cooperation concerning the rain, we have eaiser access to Matiti and Makao Plains and the southern birthing plains of the NCA (from Lake Masek).
2. When we stayed at this tented lodge in the past, everybody enjoyed the atmosphere, staff and food, so we thought we would add it again. Unfortunately, we couldn't get enough tents for the second group.
3. In saying this, on the second trip, we spend all 5 nights at the Woodlands Tented Camp in the Ndutu. We still have access to the Matiti and Makao areas, so you don't lose out on visiting this incredible area ( assuming the rains cooperate). Also at Woodlands , we have our own private camp which is always nice.

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India's Wildlife: Tigers, Bears and More
March 15-28, 2018
Price: $11495 5 openings

Ecuador Hummingbirds 1
April 10-19, 2018
Price $5850, SS $230, 2 openings

Ecuador Hummingbirds 2
April 19-28, 2018
Price $5850, SS $230
These Hummingbird Shoots are limited to just
FIVE Photographers. We will have FIVE flash
setups, for continuous shooting!

The Ultimate Galapagos Photo Tour
Two weeks, small group, fabulous boat!
April 28-May 13, 2018, $11945
1 opening for a woman (due to double occupancy)

tentative shoot in July or August 2018
Price and Dates: TBA

Northern and Southern Pantanal
August/September 2018 (tentative)
Price and Dates: TBA

September 23 - 29, 2018 (tentative)
Price: TBA

October 27 -November 3, 2018



November 3-15, 2018
Price: TBA 7 openings

Plans for tours to South Africa and Zambia have ben postponed


December 3-10,2018 (tentative)
Prices: TBA

2019 Schedule

Costa Rica 2019
January 8-20, 2019
Price: TBA

tentative shoots in May 2019
Price and Dates: TBA

South Texas
tentative shoot in May 2019
Price and Dates: TBA

Aug 16-22, 2019 Alaska Brown Bears of Katmai National Park
Price: TBA, (Double Occupancy only on boat)

Mary and Joe are proud to endorse the Photo Retailer that has
done the absolute most in supporting nature photography in all
its facets --


Special Photo Projects

Personalized Sessions - in macro, electronic flash, and wildlife photography covering the topic or topics of your choice. This session is designed to accommodate people who have special interests that are not covered in other workshops and tours, or to cater to participants with special interests with limited time available. It allows each individual to pick and choose topics as well as deciding on the length of the courses. We will limit this to four people which enables us to offer more of a one on one session. Fee: $500/per person/day. Half-day session: $250, including lunch .
Hours: 9-5 formal classroom and in-field instruction. Optional sunrise or evening session.
Half-day session: 9-1PM. Same. Sunrise and evening sessions are not an option.

Personalized Sessions in Adobe Photoshop - Learn the basics or address your individual needs in learning this powerful, exciting, and creative program. Fee: $500/per person/day. Half-day session: $250, including lunch. Lodging and meals are not included but can be arranged.
Hours: 9-5 formal classroom.
Half-day session: 9-1PM. Same.



If you are interested in any trip, and it is filled, please contact our office to discuss options for getting your spot on the next trip. Please Note: We may take your name to put it on an inquiry list, but that is NOT a guarantee of having a spot on the trip. Until we have established dates and prices for a trip we (most likely) will not take a deposit. Until we have a deposit you are not registered for a trip.